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About me

Photographer - Cinematographer

I’m a husband, a son, brother of three siblings, uncle, friend and father of two beautiful girls.


What got me into photography?

Well, I’m a second-generation photographer I grew up watching my dad printing his own work in the dark room that he made in what used to be the study room, even now I think is awesome that he used to do that.


Anyways the seed was planted and while I was growing up the love for photography became every day more and more real. I was maybe 8 or 9 years old when I first saw my dad getting into the dark room and do this magic trick where he could make an image appear on a paper out of nowhere, of course I had seen pictures before but never really put the thought of where or how does the printed pictures came from. It was all new for me. But it wasn’t until I was around 13 years old when I got my hands for the first time on a photographic camera, my dad told me how to use it and from that moment I start to learning the ways of the photography.

I can’t say that I loved it from the beginning at first it was just something we (me and my brothers) had to do to help my dad, but nothing that I fully understood. I felt the obligation of continue with what my dad one day started but then it would become a true passion for what I do now. So, going back to the question What got me into photography? The short answer is: my Dad, he got me into photography.

the team

Not a one man band

Is not what you can do on your own but what can you achieve as a group.


One of the best things about my line of work is the people I get to meet, awesome couples to shoot, great vendors to work with and beautiful people to create memories.

A team of photographers, cinematographers, editors, studio manager, everyone experienced and creative on their craft. 

We've work together to become a better version of each individual but above all an improved team.

A group of friends that we found each other because of this really cool line of work.


Nikki & Sean

We cannot thank Ulises and his team enough for giving us the most beautiful wedding pictures that we will treasure forever. Everything about our experience with him was amazing. He is so talented, professional and easy to work with. We highly recommend choosing him to capture your special day!



Lia & Israel

The experience Ulises gave us was exactly what we dreamt these moments would bring us. Everything was captured perfectly and will be cherished for the rest of our lives. He absolutely showed us the best part of himself during our sessions and made our time so very personal. Would highly recommend him! 


Yaismin & Cirilo

Ulises not only treated us like clients, but also like family. He was always able to return a call or a text when we had a question or concern, and he also wanted to know if there was anything in particular that we wanted to capture in a photo session. I highly recommend Ulises Reyes Photography as your next photographer for any event that you truly want to capture with quality!


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